Birch Perfume - 24th Dec - 20th Jan

Birch Perfume - 24th Dec - 20th Jan


Wear Birch Tree Wisdom Perfume to get in touch with your inner youthfulness and the courage that opens the heart for new experiences and daring ventures.

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Known as the Lady of the Woods, the graceful Birch is surprisingly hardy and bold. It is one of the first trees to spring into flower and produce new leaves after the long, cold winters of the north. As a pioneer tree it is often found in boggy and uninhabitable places, where it prepares the ground for more sensitive and demanding plants. Thus, its spiritual qualities are associated with fertility, purification and courage. Birch signifies inner strength and daring needed to break new ground and go where no-one has gone before. In the Celtic Tree Calendar it signifies the first month after the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the sun that brings renewed fertility to the land.

Inspired by the Celtic Tree Calendar, 'Tree Wisdom Perfumes' are a unique range of magical perfumes. According to ancient lore, trees are inhabited by angelic beings known as Dryads, who embody their souls. They are the keepers of nature's wisdom. Each type of tree speaks through its own particular Dryad and each holds the key to its own special aspect of this arcane Earth wisdom. Tree Wisdom Perfumes are inspired by the ancient Celtic tree lore and the Devic beings, who whisper their secrets in the rustling leaves. They contain a blend of pure essential oils and absolutes, as well as a magical infusion made from the leaves, buds, barks and flowers of their associated tree. May every one of them provide a key to the doors of perception and offer a unique glimpse into the Devic realms.