Violet Leaf Absolute Oil - 10ml

Violet Leaf Absolute Oil - 10ml


Violets bring peace. They may be used to dispel anger and cool heated tempers. Violets ward off evil spirits and protect against nightmares

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Juniperus virginiana;

Planet: Sun

History & Mythology; The true identity of Virginian Cedarwood has caused much confusion, for it is not so much a Cedar, but a Juniper - Red Juniper, to be precise. Virginian Cedarwood is native to North America. Native Americans have long held it sacred in the same way as regular Juniper was in the Old World.They regarded it as a 'Tree of Life' and valued it for its purifying and protective properties. It is an indispensable ingredient of sacred smudging blends used for purification in ceremonies and sweatlodges. It is also one of the most important incenses burned in the Peyote rituals of the Native American Church and serves as a fragrant offering to the plant devas when collecting medicinal herbs. Western tribes carve their totem poles from its wood.

Magical use: Cedarwood Virginia can be used in all ritual work, but is particularly suitable for attuning to nature spirits. It is purifying and protective and makes a very powerful ritual cleanse. It dispels negative energies and attracts good spirits and protects the seeker on his spirit journey or vision quest. It is very potent. Use with caution.

Scent: A somewhat balsamic, resinous, juniper like scent. Blends well with Amyris, Cardamom, Juniper, Cypress, Vetivert, Patchouli and Benzoin.