Willow Perfume - 15th Apr - 12th May

Willow Perfume - 15th Apr - 12th May


Wear Willow Tree Wisdom perfume to honour the Triple Goddess and to invoke your inner spring of resourcefulness that is the font of regeneration and growth.

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No tree is as full of vitality and self- regenerating power as the Willow. Even cut and seemingly dead branches will come back to life when planted into the soil. This quality of unconstrained growth is exploited in the practice of pollarding. The newly sprouting, flexible twigs, also known as 'Withies' are regularly harvested and woven into baskets and light furniture. The wood itself is susceptible to rot, Willow loves to grow by the water's edge, but it does not resist its destructive power. Willows are sacred to the Triple Moon Goddess, whose mysteries of regeneration are evident in her abundant vitality. This is why sacrifices to the Great Goddess were offered in wicker baskets - the regenerative power of the tree was magically transferred to the offerings, which were soon to be reborn in the Underworld. Sacred to the Moon Goddess Hecate, Willow is a tree of magic and enchantment and associated with purification and resurrection. Witches fashioned their brooms with her life-giving withies. In the Celtic Tree Calendar it signifies the 5th month of the year, a month deemed particularly holy to the Goddess, as her life restoring powers are becoming increasingly evident in all realms of nature.

Inspired by the Celtic Tree Calendar, 'Tree Wisdom Perfumes' are a unique range of magical perfumes. According to ancient lore, trees are inhabited by angelic beings known as Dryads, who embody their souls. They are the keepers of nature's wisdom. Each type of tree speaks through its own particular Dryad and each holds the key to its own special aspect of this arcane Earth wisdom. Tree Wisdom Perfumes are inspired by the ancient Celtic tree lore and the Devic beings, who whisper their secrets in the rustling leaves. They contain a blend of pure essential oils and absolutes, as well as a magical infusion made from the leaves, buds, barks and flowers of their associated tree. May every one of them provide a key to the doors of perception and offer a unique glimpse into the Devic realms.