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Two Feathers Native American Jewellery Shop in Brighton

Located in the UK, Two Feathers specialise in handmade, Native American jewellery, flutes, crafts and collectibles available to buy online and from their shop in Brighton. All of our items are sourced directly from the Native tribes of the South West regions. Since established in 2006, we have seen many visitors looking for unique, one-off Native American collectibles.
Our intention is to create a sacred space, to house beautiful articles, where everyone can visit and learn about the original stewards of the land. We wanted to create a place where spiritual interests can be nurtured and grown through the crystals, herbs and other allies which we offer.
On our website, you will find a huge range of Native American artifacts, including jewellery, drums and Taos, sand paintings and much more.

Native American Jewellery

Two Feathers selection of Native American jewellery is handmade and comes directly from the Tribes of America such as the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni to name but a few. The Sky Stone (Turquoise) is an ancient talisman for health and happiness and has been used in ceremonies and everyday use for many moons. The use of Turquoise, Jet, Coral, Mother of Pearl and Spiny Oyster Shell often set in Silver create a wonderful blend of colour, texture and creativity and are the signature stones of the Natives of the Southwest that are still used to this day.

Vintage & Collectables

Here at Two Feathers we try to source as many Vintage, collectable, rare and handmade goods from Native American artisans as we possibly can. Some of our pieces are from as early as the 1920's with a style and reverance now rarely seen. Some items we collect are more modern however still as sought after, these pieces can be anything from intricately carved Hopi kachinas that still adhere to a method of craft dating back to over 100 years ago, to incredibly detailed, one of a kind Jewellery with unique and symbolic designs.

Kachina Dolls

Native American Kachina dolls (Katsina) are traditionally small wooden figures, hand carved from cottonwood roots and painted with natural earth pigments. The term Katsina has three translations; One of more than 300 spiritual beings; a society of spiritual singers and dancers; and small wooden figures also called Tihu. The original purpose of the Kachina dolls was to educate Hopi children about their ancestral religious traditions stretching back over a thousand years ago. Katchina dolls, traditionally carved by the Hopi tribe only, are now commonly crafted by many tribes including the Navajo and Zuni bringing a beautiful variation and style to the spiritual art of creating Kachina. All featured Kachina dolls are hand made in America by the Native peoples, most are written on the base with the Kachina dolls name, artist signature and their tribal number. Kachina are considered works of art and in purchasing these you help allow Native Americans to continue to be employed within their trade.

High Spirits Flutes

High Spirits Native American Flutes are based on the minor pentatonic scale when used as a five hole, when the sixth hole under the leather tie is exposed the flute will play the relative major key in both the Diatonic and Chromatic scales. High Spirits Native American softwood flutes such as cedar have a fine balance between warmth and clarity, the hardwoods such as walnut and birch are very durable and have a bright clear voice. High Spirits flutes are made from a single piece of wood (uni-body), they are not laminated together. The shorter Native American flutes are very easy to play and learn with, the longer bore flutes have a deeper voice and are recomended for those who have experience with Native Flutes or other wind instruments. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced musician there's a flute for all tastes and abilities within the High Spirits range, all flutes are genuine Native American made and come with a free instructional audio CD.

Incense & Sage

Traditionally, incense plays an important role in ritual purification, often referred to as ‘smudging’. The incense smoke is used to ‘wash’ away negative energies and emotions, thus cleansing the atmosphere. Likewise, incense is also used to purify the hearts and minds of the participants prior to sacred ceremonies, meditations and rituals, many incenses are mixed with resins. We also have a wide range of organic herbs from sustainably harvested sources. Plants nourish and feed us, add spice to our life, bestow health and beauty, scent and colour and brighten our days. Our herbal range includes dried herbs, tinctures, teas and smokes. We provide alternatives to tobacco too and for people who enjoy experimenting with herbs for pleasure, contemplation, or ritual purposes. Whilst herbs can be rolled into cigarettes the easiest and most effective method is to smoke them from a pipe.


Star Child Essential Oils are the volatile, aromatic components of plants, the substance that carries their unique scent and ethereal soul. It is through these precious fragrances that plants communicate with their environment. But essential oils are not just chemical messengers, they are also divine messengers. They possess the power to influence our moods and sense of well-being, they can heal our physical and emotional ailments and even open the gates to other dimensions. Star Child Essential Oils are often used in aromatherapy where oils are used in massage, diffused in the air by gentle evaporation in ceramic oil burners and as bath oils.

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