Navajo, Silver and Turquoise Necklace

Navajo, Silver and Turquoise Necklace


Navajo crafted silver and turquoise necklace featuring three large beautiful turquoise stones. Each stone is surrounded with two types of ropework detail.

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The silver panels between each stone are made by an old style sand casting technique with squash blossom either side of the centre piece which represents the rays of the sun.

‘925’ and the silversmith Raymond Delgarito’s hallmark are stamped on the reverse.


Hanging Length: 24cm.

Turquoise length: 1.2cm for the two smaller pieces and 1.6cm for the larger stone.

Silver panel length: 2cm

Turquoise is hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. To The Navajo, turquoise is viewed as a piece of the sky that has fallen to earth. Spiritually, turquoise is considered a stone of wholeness, promoting a sense of unity of the self and a oneness with all that surrounds us.