Navajo, Silver, Turquoise and Coral Bear Ring

Navajo, Silver, Turquoise and Coral Bear Ring


Navajo, Silver ring with a Coral and a sleeping beauty Turquoise stone set in to an ornate face featuring a bear’s head, feathers and spiral decoration handcrafted by the silversmith Raymond Delgarito.

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The silversmith’s hallmark is stamped on the reverse.

Bears are believed to be spiritual guides and represent strength and self-knowledge. The Navajo also believe that bears have supernatural powers, including great healing powers. The bear is a symbol of deliberate action, introspection, soul searching, and insight. In addition, the bear is the guardian of the West.


Face Width: 3cm

Face Length: 3cm

The Navajo view turquoise as representing Father Sky and Coral as representing the blood of the mother, together they represent unity and balance between the two worlds.