Pocket Flute A Minor, Aromatic Cedar

Pocket Flute A Minor, Aromatic Cedar


The Pocket Flute A Minor is a five hole flute designed for people with no musical experience, Great fun for children and sprited adults alike, ideal travelling size.

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Pocket Flute A Minor, Cedar

A great Flute for complete beginners, the pocket flute in A Minor is a five hole flute designed for people with no musical experience, great fun for children and spirited adults alike and ideal for country walks and travelling. Crafted from Aromatic

Cedar and just 9" long, this will easily fit into your pocket or backpack. Finished with a non-toxic oil that creates a bright/clear voice.


Crafted from natural Cedar Flute Length; 9"

High spirits Flutes Include a How to play DVD, Instruction booklet and Fingering charts. The fetish of carving on top of the flutes creates the sound and needs to be in it's proper position for the flute to play at it's optimum (explained further within instruction booklet)

Flutes are based on the minor pentonic scale when used as a five hole, when the sixth hole under the leather tie is exposed the flute will play the relative major key in both the Diatonic and Chromatic scales. High Spirits softwood flutes such as cedar have a fine balance between warmth and clarity, the hardwoods such as walnut and birch are very durable and have a bright clear voice.

Our flutes are made from a single piece of wood (uni-body), they are not laminated together.
The shorter flutes are very easy to play and learn with, the longer bore flutes have a deeper voice and are recommended for those who have experience with Native Flutes or other wind instruments.