Beaded Pipe Bag

Beaded Pipe Bag


Pipe bags have been used by Native Americans for the transport and storage of Handmade pipes.

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The Pipes are regarded as some of the most highly prized and respected of tools and these special bags are handmade with the greatest care and respect. They often feature intricate art work and are crafted from the most valuable materials. 

Made by Charles and Hazel Fast Horse. Charles is part of the Oglala Sioux Clan From the Pine Ridge resovation in South

Dekota. Not only is he a well historian and well respected medicine man but he has been an artisan of Native american tools and clothing. Hazel Fast Horse Is a member of the Wintun Tribe of Northern Carolina. She is renowned for her her amazing ability to create painstakingly intricate and detailed bead work. The designs she uses are stated to have been passed down by her elders through her dreams and for years now, has been utilising her gift and talents by sewing her designs

Hanging length;- 28"
Width;- 6"

The Navajo view turquoise as a piece of the sky that has fallen to earth. Spiritually, turquoise is considered a stone of wholeness, promoting a sense of unity of the self.