Taos 20" Lizard Drum

Taos 20" Lizard Drum


Hand crafted, limited edition design from Native American Taos Drums, 20",Circular, single sided buffalo hide drum with a Lizard graphic.

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A hand crafted drum from Native American Taos Drums, 12", Circular, single sided Cowhide Drum.

Made with the highest quality from natural materials.

Taos Indian Drums; Nestled in the foot hills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northern New Mexico, Taos Pueblo Indians are making drums with the same tradition and care they have used for centuries. Internationally recognized, these quality hand crafted drums and still being made for many purposes.

The art of making Taos drums has been handed down from generation to generation, changing little. Particular attention is paid to the craft of dying the wood and stretching the hides to assure the highest quality product. Each Toas drum is constructed with wood native to Northern New Mexico, whether it be aspen, pine or cotton-wood, and stretched with durable elkskin, cowhide or buffalo hide. The result is an authentic Indian drum of all types, sizes and colour.

Circular Tambourine Drum
Single Sided Buffalo Hide With Pine wood.
Diameter 20"