Today we live in world that exists around material assets. Our lives are often hectic with little time to think about the cycles we live through and their impact on us and the natural world around us. Most of us shop in supermarkets and eat the food from it. It is a far cry from the lifestyle of the old Native American ways.

For many Native American tribes, such as the Hopi and Navajo, observing the cycles of life, including the lunar cycles, was essential for their existence. One area in which the observations of the moon and planets were significant was agriculture. Today we can gain useful insight into a healthier lifestyle by observing the some of the traditional ways of Native American people as their way of life is particularly significant as many of us have chosen to turn to a more natural way of living. This way of life may include growing our own fruit and veg. For many of us this is an important move towards liberation away from living in an ever growing consumer driven world.


One interesting aspect of the Native American traditions that relates to the cycles of life is the Medicine wheel, a symbolic image of life and the cycles every aspect of life moves through. The Medicine Wheel is made of four directions, North, East, South and West. These directions take on the nature of the following four elements respectively: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Interestingly the Chakras also relate to the above elements.
Each chakra maps onto specific parts of the body of humans and other living organisms such as plants and trees as well as abstract aspects of life such as sound and colour. We often refer to this mapping as correspondence. Earth represents the very physical and material elements of our life such as money, food and soil and can best energize itself in the root and sacral chakra. The Fire element represents our life force, our passion and can energize itself in the Solar Plexus. Water represents our emotions and feelings. For most people emotions will manifest a physical sensation in the heart likewise we place the water element at the heart chakra. The top three chakras: the throat, third eye and crown all correspond to the element of air as they deal with the more abstract aspects of life such as our mental processes. Going back to the medicine wheel we can see that the south relates to earth, east relates to fire, north relates to air and west to water.



According to quantum physics all matter including living organisms, whether animal or vegetable, are fundamentally made up of vibration. The lower a vibration the denser the matter. Therefore humans at a microcosmic level are made up of vibration. This fact can become very exciting when you consider health and healing. The city lifestyles many of us interact with on a daily basis produce many frequencies whether light or sound. We hear and see some of them but others we sense but are no conscious of. Take for example the wireless connections that allow us to use our mobiles and the internet, these frequencies are with us all the time but we are not conscious of the frequencies. More importantly are these frequencies healthy for us, probably not as they certainly are not a natural resonance. Maybe we are all out of tune today.




Many wise teachers from the past and also present teach us that we can retune our bodies by connecting to healthy matter. We can do this by simply being in the countryside or eating healthy food. We can do this in conjunction with observing the cycles we move through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and to do this we can observe the cycles of the moon, sun and planets specifically in relation to ourselves.


We can also start growing our own fruit and veg in a healthy way, just like many of the Native American tribes did such as the Hopi and Navajo. We can do this by planting and harvesting according the cycles of the moon, sun and planets.

Maria Thun, a German farmer and researcher, did a considerable amount of research into the benefits of planting using the lunar cycles. She found that observing the moons cycles using the eastern zodiac, which incorporates the precision of the equinox, did positively affect the growth of plants. For example root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and onions grow better when they are planted or cared for on a day when the moon falls in an earth sign i.e. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.