Peter and Sara’s inspiration for Two Feathers came a few years prior to them opening the store, travelling to the U.S they started trading Native American wares from market stalls and exhibitions; before setting down roots in Brighton.

Their travels have taken them from the far reaches of the North Americas down to the depths of the South, time and dedication spent conferring and trading with many tribes from Native American Artists to Ceremonial leaders; today they hold one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of genuinely authentic Native American Jewellery and Artifacts in the country.

Two Feathers has been likened to a ‘temple of all things native'; our intention has been to create a sacred space to house with integrity and honour the beautiful articles held within it, where people from all walks of life can visit and can learn about the original stewards of the land and a place where spiritual interests can be nurtured and grown through the many crystals, herbs and other allies that are offered in service there.

Two feathers is a celebrated place where many collectors, artists and ceremonial workers gather and are inspired by its nature; one of honesty, authenticity and beauty.

We look forward to serving you for many moons to come.