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Located in the UK, Two Feathers specialise in traditional handmade, Native American jewellery, flutes, crafts and collectibles. All are available to buy online and from their shop in Brighton. All of their items are sourced directly from the Native tribes of the South West regions. Since established in 2006, we have seen many visitors looking for unique, one-off Native American collectibles.
Our intention is to create a sacred space, to house beautiful articles, where everyone can visit and learn about the original stewards of the land. We wanted to create a place where spiritual interests can be nurtured and grown through the crystals, herbs and other allies which we offer.
On our website, you will find a huge range of Native American artefacts, including jewellery, drums and Taos, sand paintings and much more. For special offers, one-of-a-kind items and more, sign up to our mailing list! Want to be part of the conversation? Follow, share and shop @TwoFeathersuk